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EMS Professional system wet west or Power Suit

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For personal trainers and gym owners! Please contact if you interested !

EMS Professional system wet west or Power Suit 24 electro pads , 8 channel , 6 patterns Tablet or big machine control

The fat burn pattern is designed for those who want to lose weight, increasing muscle ratio and reducing body fat through muscle formation and metabolic activation.

The strength pattern is used to build muscle, which largely stimulates type 2 fast fibers, stimulating muscle and strength. At the same time, it will promote the

increase of basal metabolic rate, thus increasing the heat combustion.

Cardio pattern, which helps to improve cardiopulmonary capacity, while eliminating accumulated metabolites and

greatly improving blood circulation. It’s also an effective way to perfect your skin.

In the professional pattern, it is more conducive to professional training by adding ramp up and ramp down

system. The system make the pulse curve rises and falls gently.

Relax pattern, used by the body to relax, reduce stress and promote the blood circulation of tissues, conducive to the excretion of metabolic waste. It also releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals.

Training parameters in VIP pattern can be modified, including frequency, pulse width, ramp up, etc.

These parameters can be modified as professionals deem necessary.

What is electronic muscle stimulator for weight loss training?

Our muscles are constantly stimulated by the bioelectrical signals from our brain, which is why we can perform different movements. This is the basic language that our brain USES to communicate with our muscles.

This process is simulated and amplified by the electrical stimulation of muscles (EMS), which is transmitted to our bodies via electrodes on our training vests, allowing our muscles to contract more fully and fully. Electrical pulse training stimulates more muscle groups and produces stronger contractions than traditional training.