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EMS 2 piece EMB Fitted suit

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Why EMS training?

Traditional weight loss methods can be demotivating your success levels if you don’t see any results fast!  You may be tired of training intensively utilising heavy weight training or overdoing on cardio Machines.

With EMS Training its effortless and Easy! and you lose the weight. It’s a one stop shop for your body to look and feel better!

It’s unique technology can be used to condition and strengthen muscles.

In these fitted pants there consist of 14 electro pads which can be operated on mobile phone or tablet.

You will receive the training APP, EMS FITTED Pants+ Top, Energy box and Charger, Instruction manual , 2 ENERGY BOX

You will also receive 6 unique programs to choose from and maximum results. The Fat burn, The Cardio, The Strength, relax, professional and VIP.

You can also control with bottom you don’t necessarily need the app ( with app its stronger )

Why choose us?
Large electrode pads, work on multiple muscle groups
2. Promotes metabolism
3. Improves cellulite
4. Repair pelvic floor muscles
5. Creates mermaid line and waistline
6. Activate deep muscles and burn fat
Like with all training A healthy DIET is necessary to maintain results.


Men, Women