How Does It Work?

Developed by Nasa to prevent muscular atrophy in astronauts.

Electromagnetic sculpting treatments cost $750.00 per session on average – and that’s just for one part of the body. We developed these full body EMS suits for you, to make the power of electronic muscle stimulation accessible to everyone, everywhere. No appointment necessary – you don’t even need to leave the house.

Multiple Benefits in one suit

EMB Training is a powerful way to tone and sculpt your body, without spending hours in the gym. With just a few quick sessions each week, you can see dramatic results in your muscle tone and size. So what are you waiting for? Give EMS training a try today!

Our full body workout suits mimic the central nervous system by stimulating your muscles with low-level electropulses, strengthening and conditioning them by forcing them to contract. EMS training suits activate hard-to-reach muscle layers that traditional training might miss.

Say goodbye to adding hefty plates to the barbell.
Unlike regular weight training, no direct pressure is applied to your joints.


Get the most out of your EMS training suit by doing a light warm-up activity for at least 5 minutes – and drinking plenty of water before and after. During the warm up there’s no need to turn the device on – our built-in timer will let you know when to begin. Use the EMS Training phone app to increase or decrease the EMS intensity and burn up to 1200 kcal per session!

Affordable & Convenient

Gentle on Joints

Portable & Discreet

Innovative Technology

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